Well what a tumultuous weekend I’ve had! I nearly made a costly error – let me explain…

For a while now, I’ve been debating getting some smaller speakers for my home cinema system in the lounge. My existing ones – which, amongst other things, comprise some rather nice KEF Q35s – are quite sizeable, and do, admittedly, take up quite a bit of space. Mrs Lacey has been “mentioning” the possibility of getting some smaller speakers in order to free up a bit of space.

So over the weekend, I went round to the new hi-fi shop that has just opened up round the corner (what a terrible place for them to put it!). I auditioned three different speaker systems costing £299, £449 and £799 respectively. Each was good for its price, but I still couldn’t decide on the best course of action. I managed to convince the manager to let me borrow the £450 set overnight so that I could test them with my amp and DVD player, and see how they sounded in my lounge (which is obviously different from the shop’s audition room).

So I brought them home, set them all up (including the rather fetching but very large cherry-finish subwoofer) and proceeded to give them a good hammering with a range of music and films. I had just about convinced myself to get them, when Katey asked for me to put the exisiting speakers back, “just for comparision purposes”.

And guess what? There was no comparison. My KEFs blew the new speakers away. Loads more detail, tighter bass, and more refined sound all round. So, I’ve avoided spending £450 on something I don’t need, and managed to convince the wife that although they’re big, my speakers really are better. You see, size does matter.

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