I discovered that the Apple Store in Leeds were getting their first shipment of new G5 iMacs in today, so I went along to the shop first thing this morning to see one in the flesh. And do you know what? I was distinctly unimpressed. Compared to the G4 iMac, it’s just a bit ordinary. I realise that it’s damned clever to get all the computer gubbins in that tiny little enclosure, but it just hasn’t quite got the same “wow!” factor that the previous two incarnations have had.

However, whilst I was in Leeds, I popped in to one of the multitudinous hi-fi shops and spotted some real things of beauty – KEF Q4 speakers. I already have some KEF speakers which I bought about seven years ago when we lived in Cambridge, but these are just beautiful by comparison. They’re quite a bit smaller and slimmer than the ones I’ve got, and are finished in lovely real wood veneers. My current ones are rosewood, which is nice enough, but it doesn’t really match our pale colour scheme in the lounge. These new ones come in a very fetching maple finish. Just the ticket. And there’s a very nice matching centre speaker to go with them too. And all for half the price of a G5 iMac.

Maybe I’ll get new speakers and an eMac instead….

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