I can’t really explain why it’s so exciting, but since I’ve hooked up my computer via ethernet instead of wireless it’s been like having a brand new machine. The USB and networking problems that I’ve been having have been completely resolved and I can use all my peripherals again without worrying about upsetting the network connection. I’ve plugging and unplugging things with wild abandon and the computer just copes with it. Previously (and I’m not really sure why) I would plug in something to the USB port – like a scanner or webcam – and the wireless connection would drop out completely and not come back again. Which was, as you can imagine, exceptionally annoying.

It was bothering me so much that I was considering buying a whole new computer in the hope that it would rectify the problem, but now I don’t need to. That £6 bit of CAT5 has saved me hundreds!

Not that I’m saying I won’t buy a new computer, it’s just that it’ll be for a better reason than dodgy USB ports.

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