I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few days playing Rainbow Six 3 on my Xbox, both single player, and online on Xbox Live. It’s quite a strange experience playing online – and nervewracking at first! It’s a bit like your first day at school, or at a new job – you’re not quite sure how everything works, who knows who, and whether you’re allowed to use that mug that’s next to the kettle. It seems like everyone else on there is a veteran and you’re just a newbie.

I got round the problem by just confessing straight away – “Hello, I’m new here. Mind if I join in?” People seem more inclined to help out that way. Sure, I’ve already had the misfortune to jump into games with people who aren’t feeling very altruistic (I’ve been kicked off two or three servers, and been blown up on purpose once) but generally it’s been a good experience. And interesting to chat with people on the other side of the world too – apparently the weather was lovely in Florida yesterday.

And five people have seen fit to add me to their “Friends” list, so that I can go back and play with them again. Which is nice.

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