I really must stop creating problems for myself. I was so fed up at the beginning of the week because I was unable to find any of the CDs that I wanted without trawling through my entire collection, due to the fact that it was in a complete mess. Some CDs were in the lounge, a few were in the bedroom, and the majority were in the cellar, but they had all got out of order and I didn’t really know where anything was. It took me about fifteen minutes to find a Sheryl Crow album – and you know things have gone wrong when it gets that bad.

So, in a fit of pique, I collected up every CD in the house and put them in one great big pile on the cellar floor and started to go through them all, in an attempt to get them in some semblance of order. A few of them were reasonably easy to sort out – things like compilations and soundtracks for example – but the vast majority of albums are by a single artist. So how do you go about ordering all of those? Do I attempt to put them in to genres? If so, what’s the difference between “rock” and “pop”? What about “jazz” and “jazz funk” – do they go together or separate?

Then comes the problem of location. I’ve got too many CDs to put them all in one single place, so they have to be spread over two or three different rooms. So which ones do I put in the lounge? Which ones should go in the cellar?

Can you start to see my problem?

I think what I’ve decided upon is to put 40 of my favourite albums in the lounge, as they will be the ones that get listened to the most. Then I’ll put about fifteen of Katey’s favourites in the bedroom (because that’s where she listens to music the most), and then the rest can go in the cellar. In each of these locations, I’ll put them into strict alphabetical order (by artist) and not worry about genre. Then the compilations, soundtracks and classical stuff can each have a section of their own.

There – problem sorted! At least until I think of a better solution.

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