Okay, got the Netgear Digital Music Server today, and I’ve attempted to get it running, but it’s certainly not as straightforward as the the instructions make out. But then it never is, is it? There seems to be some problem with getting my PC and the MP101 to communicate with each other.

When the MP101 is wired to the router and my PC is wireless, I get nothing at all. When both machines are wireless, it works for about five minutes and then the connection drops out. When the PC is wired and the music server is wireless it all seems to be fine. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most reliable method is to have both PC and MP101 wired to the router. This works perfectly. An immediate connection, and streaming music straight away.

I’ve been unhappy with the wireless link on my PC for some time now (I get a lot of network dropouts) so I think the way ahead is to wire my PC to the router permanently via good old ethernet. All I have to do now is work out how to get the cable from the router in the lounge to the PC in the cellar without it looking untidy. I’ll keep you posted.

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