The Tunecast works quite well, all things considered. It’s not as good as a direct connection, but it does the job. Bearing in mind my only other options are a whole new car stereo, or a CD changer conversion (both of which are expensive) it’ll do for now. I think I’ll have to get a windscreen mounted holder for the Zen so that the transmitter is close to the aerial, but other than that I think it’s a fairly neat solution.

On a different note, I’ve just spent about 30 minutes on the phone to Orange trying to get a Bluetooth GPRS connection set up between my Sony Ericsson T610 and my new iPaq. It’s a ridiculously convoluted process which no-one would ever be able to sort out on their own. It doesn’t need to be so complicated. When I was with O2, they provided a little application to run on your PDA which automatically configured GPRS. If they can do it, why can’t Orange?! Ah well, it’s up and running now, so I’m able to email and web-browse on the move. Not that I’ll ever use it of course, but it’s a gadget isn’t it?

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