I notice that Microsoft have released a dedicated wi-fi adapter for the Xbox, in case you want to use the console online but can’t run an ethernet cable to it from your router. It’s a good idea, but I have a few problems with it. Firstly, it’s designed to match the Xbox, but really this isn’t particularly necessary as you’ll probably tuck it away out of sight. Secondly, it runs at 802.11g speed (54 Mbps) which is completely unnecessary as it will only be used to access broadband which at the very most only runs at 2Mbps, meaning that the other 52 Mbps will be entirely redundant. Thirdly, it costs about £100, which is a lot more than very similar products from other manufacturers, just for the privilege of it saying “Xbox” on it.

All of this is entirely academic for my setup anyway, because the broadband router is about 30cm away from the xbox. A nice short bit of CAT5 should do the trick very nicely. But I’ll also need an Xbox Live starter kit, and some compatible games! I think I’ll hang fire for a week or two.

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